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Modine Radiators are Available At Radiator.com

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The Modine Radiator Company (which builds applications for a wide range of heat management systems ranging from fuel cells to supercomputers) started all the way back in 1916. It was in that year the founder Arthur Modine patented a unique type of cooling fin that allowed a more efficient transfer of heat between the engine and the outside air. In fact, Henry Ford's famous Model T - in its fourth year of production at the time - incorporated the Modine radiator into its construction.

Back then, ironically, it was easier to build an internal combustion engine than it was to keep it from burning up into a useless pile of scrap iron, until Modine Radiators. Before the advent of pressurized cooling systems, automobiles actually used more water than gasoline, and radiators were more complex. Modine Radiator was the first company to use a wind tunnel in testing new cooling systems for automobiles, trucks and farm equipment. Their first wind tunnel was built in Racine, Wisconsin, and is still in use today. Since then, Modine Radiator has constructed four additional wind tunnels, including test facilities in South Korea and Germany.

Today, Modine Radiator makes over a hundred different radiator cores. Their product uses a high-efficiency brass and copper design in the radiator core that meet and often exceeds that of standard core construction. This is one reason that Modine Radiator continues to dominate the after market industry. Since the turn of the century, Modine Radiator has increased their Research and Development by an average of 9% every year. Today, Modine Radiator controls the rights to over 2,000 patents around the world.

There are over 800 specific radiator models offered by the Modine Radiator company that cover thousands of vehicles ranging from the smallest economy sub-compacts to the most massive trailer tractors - and everything in between. Radiators are available for a wide range of passenger cars for model years dating back to 1960. Modine radiators are made from the best materials and incorporate the latest technology. Moreover, every Modine radiator is covered by their Gold Card Lifetime Limited Warranty.

You'll find a Modine radiator for your car here at Radiator.com for the lowest possible price. Since we have warehouses all over the U.S., if you order it today, it will be on its way to you by the next business day. If you need help or advice installing your new Modine Radiator, we are as close as a mouse click or a toll-free phone call - our auto radiator service professionals are available 20 hours day, Monday through Friday, and 10 hours a day on the weekends. Give us a call at 1-800-248-8720 today!

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