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Chances are a car will need a new radiator sometime during its life span. With proper maintenance, you can expect many years and miles of reliable service from your vehicle with a new car radiator. This means frequent oil changes and checking lubrication and fluid levels often. You'll probably wind up doing a brake job at least once or twice, depending on your driving habits. Unfortunately, no matter how good you treat your cars cooling system it will need a new radiator at some point for your vehicle.

There is little that can be done to avoid the necessity of a new car radiator replacement - even if you only drive the car a few hundred miles a year. The reasons that radiators go bad are often environmental factors such as humidity, road grime, mineral salts and rust; all take a toll on new radiators, regardless of the miles driven. Additionally, many new radiators (as well as virtually all old ones) have seams and joints that are epoxied together. The epoxy tends to lose adhesion over time and eventually ceases to have bonding power after five or six years, leading to the necessity of a new car radiator purchase. By flushing the radiator and cooling system on a regular basis, you can delay the need for a new car radiator replacement, but there's no way of stopping the deterioration altogether.

A radiator exchanges heat for cooling. Internal combustion combined with friction creates tremendous heat, and the engine requires a way of getting rid of it. Otherwise, the metal components will overheat and the engine will eventually seize up. The radiator uses a mixture of water and a chemical called ethylene glycol as a coolant. The water pump circulates this coolant through passages in the engine block, called "water jackets", where the radiator fluid is heated. Flowing through the tubes inside the radiator core, the heated coolant fluid literally "radiates" its heat to the outside of the vehicle while absorbing cooler temperatures from the air. Over time, mineral scale, rust and debris can accumulate inside these narrow tubes. This compromises the coolant circulation, reducing the effectiveness of the radiator's ability to maintain ideal engine operating temperatures and necessitating the purchase of a new radiator.

A new radiator can give your vehicle a new lease on life. At Radiator.com, we have a huge online selection of discount new car radiators for virtually anything on the road today. New radiator choices include the new aluminum radiators that weigh up to 50% less than regular radiators and are 25% more efficient at providing cooling. In fact, the manufacturer of at least one brand of new aluminum radiator in our inventory guarantees that their product will allow your engine to run up to 20% cooler - although temperature reductions of up to 40% have been reported by satisfied customers. You too will be a satisfied customer when you purchase your new radiator at Radiator.com. We offer the best quality new radiators at discounts ranging from 30 to 75%!

Call us today at 1-800-248-8720 during our normal business hours and let us help you find the best new radiator for your car. We can also help you find a qualified local auto mechanic to install your new radiator for you.

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