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Car Part Repair Technique

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Greetings repair buddies.

It’s time to learn another car part repair technique and today we will watch a radiator repair known as the refill radiator task. Yes, it’s time to flush the radiator out, readers, and the man in this video has such a calm voice I didn’t even feel a twinge of panic when he talked about things like air bubbles and floor heaters. After all, it’s just your average radiator maintenance task, right? Nothing dangerous- just a radiator flush. The whole thing looked a little weird to me but he was taking it in stride and I decided to do the same. I mean, after all. How much do you think they would charge you to do this at an auto shop? I can handle it!

Step one, start the engine. I can do that.

Step 2, put the floor heater on (the floor heater ONLY , he warns, and I tremble to imagine why!) and then you can take the lids off the radiator. (Does he mean radiator caps?)

Step 3 (remember, I am paraphrasing all of this and you should watch it at least once for yourself before attempting a flush) use a funnel and run water into the radiator.

That is pretty much it. Could probably save me $75 if I did this myself, which means I can pick up the cute strappy pair of sandles I saw at Macy’s a few days ago. Oh yes, we aren’t quite done yet. The guy says he ran water for about 10 minutes but the air bubbles in radiator still seemed to still be burping (my word.) That is a bad thing and he warns to keep the flush going until the water in radiator routine gets all the bubbles out and we’re off to a clean start.