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Radiator Video

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Hello video watchers!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a radiator like the one in your car? Well, car radiators don’t drop out of the skies or grow on trees, as this video about how to manufacture radiator pieces makes perfectly obvious.

When I think of a new radiator, I think of the finished products stacked in a radiator warehouse like discount dealer Neat little rectangular things made to slip into their precise places near the engine in order to keep it cool.

This video takes us back a little earlier in the lifecycle of a Radiator to a plant where four workmen are busy cutting, twirling things, measuring pieces and machining a bunch of what look like giant sections of Radiators, hopefully soon to become more recognizable auto car radiators like the ones that I am familiar with. No plastic radiators here. These guys are busy with the makings of a metal radiator, if the forklift is any indication of the tremendous weight of these pieces.

And then there is the two-times taller than the men who are working height of the finished products. This working warehouse is huge, busy and efficient looking. The guys seem to be taking great pains to turn out precise products and the music (there are no words in this video) has a sort of driving, no-nonsense quality that makes you want to say, “Yeah, guys! You go to it!” Thanks for this video and music interlude. It will help me to appreciate the little (by comparison) radiator under my Eclipse’s hood.

– Ciao, Susie