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Mitsubishi Outlander Destroyed

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Want to hear about my holiday season? I just bought myself a well-deserved automobile, the Mitsubishi Outlander. It’s beautiful, it’s big and it’s all mine. I’ve worked like a dog and now I have my prize.

What I did not count on was Bambi’s mama nearly destroying my holidays. I decided to bring my baby to the Chicago suburbs with me… during deer-feeding season… in the winter, because I am dumb. I left my parents house and I decided to take a short cut through the forest preserve … and BOOM! Hello Dear! I mean, HELLO DEER…saying Merry Christmas to my Mitsubishi Radiator.

I was okay, thanks to my airbags galore; apparently it was not my time to go. It was however, almost time for my Outlander Radiator to take the big sleep. Why, might you ask? Well, because, now, my beautiful Mitsubishi Outlander Automobile Radiator has had a very intimate exchange with Bambi’s mama. My Outlander Radiator is destroyed… well, crunched…depressed…in need of some serious TLC. Christmas was nearly a wash because I was on the phone with every Mitsubishi Discount Autopart store on the Chicago South Side. How many Mitsubishi Outlander Automobile Radiators are available on that lovely side of town? Not many. However, the nice man at the Mitsubishi Discount Autopart store that I did find wanted to charge me an amount that made me feel worse than the damage the deer did to my Outlander Radiator.

In true Chicago South-Side style, I told him exactly what I thought of him, got online and found 1.800.248.8720, that’s …I got the best price for my Mitsubishi Outlander Radiator. For all of you eco-friendly folk out there… la Madre de Bambi will live another day…hopefully, never to face my Outlander Radiator again…for her sake.

– Diane