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Radiator Safety Video

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Welcome back, reader. I thought I’d go ahead tell you about the radiator safety video that was recently posted on the site.

In this video, Jeff Clinard gave me a gentle nudge about the simple things in life – you know – those car maintenance no-brainers that I swear I know but sometimes neglect. He has a way of raising the spotlight on these little buggers and reminding me of how little time it takes to do the auto maintenance that can keep me from living on borrowed time. Besides, the thought of having to hitch-hike to a gas station while my car is spewing smoke sounds like something I should avoid.

Jeff reviews the basics and makes them look as easy as they are. I picked out my 5 most important, based on what I know I can do without much effort:

1) Take a look at those belts. (Who knew that the most common auto breakdown is from belt failure?!)

2) Don’t believe some old fool who tells me that my car doesn’t need a thermostat. He’s dead wrong. A worn-out or clogged thermostat can halt the release of coolant and get me into hot water.

3) Ditch that bent or corroded radiator cap. I’ll have it pressure-checked at an auto parts store. Jeff even suggests buying an extra cap while I’m there to toss into the trunk, just in case.

The same goes with 4) checking the condition of all belts under the hood and buying a few extra belts to stow away. Hopefully, I’ll never need them.

Finally, summer peace of mind means (5) looking at my tires. I’m going to get re-acquainted with my spare tire and check in on the four tires that are carrying the load for me as I make my vacation escape. Summer is no time for a slick, worn-out tire. With the good weather right around the corner (negative groundhog report, withstanding) I want to thank Jeff for nagging a bit because it’s really for my own good.