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Radiator Sealant Video: Friend or Foe?

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Welcome back, readers and video watchers!

I have a simple question for you: What are friends for? Giving you good advice for one thing, but if your friends suggest using Radiator sealant, run the other way! This is a very short (and angry) video but if you’ve ever thought about using a radiator sealant, you should pay attention to it. Seeing what sealant did to this radiator should stop you dead in your tracks. Why would you consider using this kind of product when the dangers of using a radiator sealant far outweigh the benefits?

I suppose that a sealant could sound appealing if you have a radiator, block or cylinder head leak and you want to delay a radiator repair, or buying a used radiator or a new radiator to handle the problem. At a time like this, a sealant has just the kind of properties that you think you need. When you apply a sealant, it changes state and becomes hard, plugging up the nasty little crack or leak that is making your life miserable.

In other words, it closes that small opening and stops the radiator coolant leak, which meets your immediate goal. The problem comes when the sealant does more than you bargained for and works its ways through your radiator, resulting in the kind of completely clogged radiator that you see in this video. Sealant can even make its way to your heater core and ruin your auto’s heating system. Yes, it seals that leak, but it can do a lot of other damage, too, as this video graphically illustrates.

The bottom line? Unless you want your radiator clogged for good, pull out that leaky radiator and get it replaced or repaired the right way. With the lowest cost radiators on the market and a lifetime guarantee, a visit to can prove to be far more cost effective than this foolish, temporary solution.

- Susie