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Radiator Breakdown - radiator.com, cracked radiator

Summertime brings to mind thoughts of fun, road trips and vacations. Hopefully a radiator breakdown won't be a part of your vacation memories. It's bad enough to have to deal with a broken radiator when you're at least in your home town and have a regular mechanic or shop to take it to. When you are in an unfamiliar place and have no idea who to call or where to go for car care. There will probably be a tow truck bill on top of everything. And if you are faced with something as serious as radiator repair, you definitely need to know your car is going to be repaired right and with quality parts.

That's what makes Radiator.com such a great traveling companion. No matter where you are, you can count on them 20 hours a day, Monday through Friday and 10 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday. With their toll free number you can call whenever, wherever you have a radiator breakdown and get expert advice. Their certified mechanics can answer questions, help you find the right part and even locate a shop near you to have the radiator repair done. Most orders will be shipped either the same day or next day, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. Purchasing your parts from Radiator.com will take some of the worry out of having a cracked radiator or radiator breakdown. And if for some reason you ever need to replace it again, the lifetime warranty will cover it.

There is nothing funny about a radiator breakdown when it happens to you, and if you do experience a broken radiator you may wish you had paid more attention to some basic car care. If you watch the Radiator Breakdown Video and see how the main character has to deal with Honda Civic radiator repair it may motivate you to learn some of the tell-tale warning signs of a cracked radiator or other problem.

Watch as a Honda Civic breaks down, yet again. Much to the chagrin of Josh, the car''s owner, "It is a POS, as much as it hurts to say," he laments. Watch as steam smoke comes from the cracked radiator after the latest breakdown.

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