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Have you ever seen the process employed to manufacture radiator? The building of a metal radiator is a long and labor intensive process requiring a piece-by-piece assembly and quality check of the new radiator at the radiator plant. The completed metal radiator is a work of engineering marvel that it?s no wonder why radiator repair is such an expensive affair. Because of the effort used to manufacture radiator, we should take extra care in maintaining existing car radiators, especially on cars which are no longer being produced (and possibly making parts from the radiator plant hard to come by) to avoid the potential for costly repairs. Luckily, there are a few maintenance procedures you can do yourself to help prolong the life of your radiator. First off, begin by checking the fluid and coolant levels every morning for leakages or signs of fluid loss which may indicate a radiator leak. Check temperature gauges to make sure the engine isn?t running too hot. You?ll want to occasionally examine the hoses connected to the metal radiator and take note of those that are hard, cracked, or leaking fluid. Finally, you should take your car to the shop annually to get auto car radiators flushed. Even with carefully scheduled maintenance, there will inevitably come a time when the replacement of existing auto car radiators is necessary.

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Radiator Service employees putting radiator together for offshore application.

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