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Auto Radiators for Sale in Ottawa, Ontario


1475 Star Top Road Suite 5
Phone: (613) 749-6844
Alt. Phone: (800) 248-8720
Fax: (866) 814-9729


Ottawa's winters are "the real deal." For five or six months out of the year, the area is slammed by Arctic winds that bring subzero temperatures and piles of powdery snow. Unfortunately, this exposes the area's drivers to some serious safety hazards. While Ottawa's road crews are legendary for their responsiveness and fortitude, the combination of cold temperatures and corrosive snow-melting chemicals poses a threat to substandard car radiators and compressors.Great Deals on Durable Auto Parts in Ottawa, OntarioOf course, the misery doesn't stop at winter's end. Ottawa's hot, humid summer weather puts further strain on poorly made auto parts and creates hazards that responsible drivers can't ignore. Luckily, owner Farhaan Thobani and the entire 1-800-RADIATOR of Ottawa team are dedicated to protecting local drivers with top-shelf auto radiators and other engine parts.1-800-RADIATOR of Ottawa: A Radiator Shop Where Quality Meets ValueSince January of 2008, Mr. Thobani’s team has maintained a relentless focus on delivering OEM radiators, compressors and other parts at the region's lowest prices. They're not content to stock low-quality, off-brand parts. Only the finest equipment from world-renowned manufacturers like VistaPro, Nissens and Delphi is permitted in 1-800-RADIATOR's showroom. Thanks to its high sales volume and efficient delivery systems, the warehouse is able to offer all of its parts at highly competitive price and 1-800-RADIATOR Bring Car Parts to Your DoorstepMr. Thobani’s shop relies on the broad network to find many of the radiators that it stocks. offers next-day delivery for most parts and allows 1-800-RADIATOR's technicians to perform installations on the day that they receive them. From compressors for classic cars to radiators for modern pickup trucks, 1-800-RADIATOR of Ottawa has the parts that local drivers demand. If you can't afford to go through another winter with an unreliable car radiator that abandons you at precisely the wrong time, visit us online at or give us a call at (613) 749-6844.

1475 Star Top Road

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