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Fulfill all your Honda radiator equipment needs at - fast shipping and reasonable prices!

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We provide the widest selection and best prices for Honda automobile radiators, and we only sell original equipment style and aftermarket parts. We have warehouses all over the United States, and can usually ship the radiator to you in the same day. Our website makes it easy to search for service locations in your area, as well as available radiators for your particular Honda vehicle. Car radiators are used for cooling internal combustion engines, mainly those contained within automobiles. In order for the radiator to cool the engine, a coolant, which is usually water based and contains other additives to prevent freezing and limit corrosion, passes through the engine block and absorbs heat from the engine. The hot coolant then travels to the radiator tank and is distributed through the radiator's tubes. As it circulates through the tubes, it cools down. The now cold coolant is fed back to the engine, and the cycle repeats again. A few tips for replacing your Honda car radiator: Honda radiators are very fragile. Their centers are made from aluminum, and are capped on both sides by plastic tanks. Older radiators were made with copper and brass, which were much more durable, but the slightest scratch or dent in the aluminum of modern radiators can render them useless. The plastic tanks themselves are also fairly fragile, as well as the radiator hoses. They can develop cracks or leaks if they are handled too roughly. Always replace the antifreeze solution when refilling the Honda radiator. Use the manufacturer's recommended antifreeze solution, and be careful to use the correct ratio of water to antifreeze. Ultimately, if you're not sure how to install the part or the whole unit by yourself, we can arrange for a licensed auto repair shop to replace your radiator for you.


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