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Radiator problems with your Pontiac

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Is your Pontiac overheating? You may have a problem with your radiator. Many times, a radiator problem is ignored but it's something that should get immediate attention as it could cause damage to your engine. One of the most common causes of radiator problems is corrosion. This corrosion is often caused by the car owner neglecting to change the coolant. When the coolant is not changed, it can cause corrosion and the eventual failure of the radiator. How do you know if your radiator needs replaced? One thing you can do is visually inspect the radiator. Do you see obvious corrosion on the radiator itself? Another way to check for possible corrosion damage is to use a pressure checker. These are commonly found at auto parts stores and will help you determine whether your radiator is holding pressure or if there is a leak. If you can't tell visually or with a pressure checker that you have damage, there are other warning signs you may notice, depending on your situation. Some of the warning signs you may notice are: If your car is experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to get your radiator replaced. You could go to your Pontiac dealer but in general, it will cost more to go back to the dealer. Your best option is to contact a specialized radiator shop to get the lowest price. A great place to start is You'll find radiators for all makes and models and they guarantee same-day delivery across the USA.


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